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Combine format

The Hawaii Volleyball Combine consists of the following format:

Due to covid-19, please ignore the following:

1. Measurements:  During the first 5 years of our combine, players participated in traditional combine testing in front of the college coaches such as height, standing reach, block jump, approach jump, pro agility shuttle, 10 & 20 yard dash, medicine ball throw, broad jump, and speed jumping. However over the years the college coaches consistently noted that they really did not need to see the testing but only needed the results of the jump metrics; therefore we now hold the jump measurements offsite, except for the players flying into Honolulu for the combine.

2. Court Elements:  We utilize 5 courts which the players will flow through during sessions of drills, controlled scrimmages and then a tournament. The drills involve high reps of serving, serve-receive, passing, setting, hitting and blocking. Setters and Liberos rotate through the courts and middles and hitters are also rotated through the courts as needed.  Water breaks are taken every 15 minutes. All players get the same amount of reps regardless of ability, school or club affiliation.  As this is a combine, there is no instruction, training or coaching of any kind by any combine court coaches. Court coaches are there only to maintain the flow of the drills and players through the courts in order to maximize the amount of and quality of the reps for players.  The college coaches are present to observe players only and do not instruct or interact with the players.  College coaches will be in a coaches-only designated zone separated from parents.  Parents are only permitted to sit in a designated area where no interaction with coaches are permitted. Professional trainers from Queen's Sports Medicine are on-site.

3.  Combine Showcase Tournament:  The top 12 club teams from the Power League play on Sunday in two waves at our tournament in front of the college coaches on Courts 1-3.  

4.  Combine Mini-Tournament:  Japan, California, Hilo, Molokai, Maui and Oahu teams compete in a Mini-Tournament in front of the college coaches on Courts 4 & 5.

5.  Player Designations:  All players receive and must wear their unique Hawaii Volleyball Combine Jersey designated by their unique Class Color and unique number by which Coaches can quickly identify players.  College coaches receive player indexes which list the players in four ways; alphabetically, jersey color & number, class year, and session. The indexes also provide player information. Full Player Profiles are also on University Athlete.

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