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We offer Training by top volleyball coaches.


1. Dave Shoji - 4X Division I National Champion, 2nd Winningest NCAA Division I Volleyball coach in America.

2  Matt Sonnichsen - 1989 National Champion & 1989 NCAA MVP and Division I Coach & Pro Player/Coach.

3. Kawika Shoji - 2X Olympian, 12-year Pro Player, 11-year National Team Player, 2010 First Team All-American, 2010 NCAA Player of the Year,

     2010 National Champion, 2014-15 World Cup Winner, 2014 World League Winner & 3X German League Champion. 

4. Lisa Strand - 2X National Champion, All-Ameican AVP Pro Beach Player, Spectrum Broadcaster for UH Wahine Volleyball.

5. James Anastassiades - 2021 National Champion at the University of Hawaii.

6. Aven Lee - Division I Coach at Syracuse, University of Portland, University of Hawaii, University of the Pacific, Cal State Sacramento, and

     former University of Hawaii standout.

7. Luis Ramirez - Club Coach Luis Ramirez.

8. Lynden Keala - Club Coach for over 23 years.

9. Alan Lau - Club Coach for over 20 years. Played at UC Santa Barbara.

10. Daryl Tamashiro - Club Coach for over 20 years.

11. Duke Robins - Club Coach for over 15 years. Played at the University of Hawaii.

12. Kealii Parker - Club Coach.

13. Jordan Nakamura - Club Coach.


We also have one of the top performance trainers in the country.


Daniel Mar of Mar Training. He was part of the performance team for Team China which won Gold in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

Get trained by top coaches who have the experience, knowledge, expertise, and contacts to help get you recruited.

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