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The Combine 

We are coming up on the 15th Year of the Hawaii Volleyball Combine.  We have sold out every year since our first combine in 2010. Over the past 15 years, hundreds of prep volleyball players have received scholarship offers and other forms of financial assistance at or following the combine.  Players of all levels of ability get recruited.    

Each player gets an equal amount of reps and performs the same drills and engages in the same regimens as all other players. This is to ensure that everyone gets a fair and equal opportunity to make their best showing. Top schools from Division I, II, III, NAIA & JUCO recruit each year at the combine.

In 2023, 53, schools 85 coaches) attended the combine, including National Champion Texas, Utah, UNLV, Hawaii,

In 2022, 40 schools (over 62 coaches) attended the combine, including Texas, Stanford, and BYU. 

In 2021, due to Covid-19 we live-streamed the combine and had 326 coaches watching.

In 2020, 65 schools attended including Stanford (National Champion), Washington (Final Four) Texas, Pittsburgh, BYU, Utah, California.

In 2019, 57 schools attended including Utah, Washington State, Gonzaga, Temple, Central Florida (switched Combine to February).

In 2018, 73 schools attended including Stanford (Final Four), Texas, USC, Utah, BYU, Washington State.

In 2017, 66 schools attended including Texas (Final Four) Notre Dame, USC, BYU, Hawaii, Washington State.

In 2016, 49 schools attended including 2 of 4 Final Four Teams (Minnesota and Texas), BYU, Temple, Utah, Washington State.

In 2015, 41 schools attended including Utah, Washington State, Pittsburgh, West Virginia, Texas A&M, Texas Tech.

In 2014, 31 schools attended including Arizona State, Cornell, Wake Forest, Washington State, Missouri, Oklahoma.

In 2013, 33 schools attended including Texas (Final Four), Washington, Utah, Illinois, Georgia Tech, BYU, Arizona State, Indiana.

In 2012, 24 schools attended including Texas (National Champion), Illinois, St. Johns, Portland State, Temple, Utah, West Point.

In 2011, 13 schools attended (9-11), including Utah, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Washington State, Portland State.

In 2010, 18 schools attended including USC, Texas (Final Four), Washington State, Gonzaga, UC Irvine, Santa Barbara, Georgia Tech.

Our mission is to help student-athletes pay for college through volleyball. We accomplish this by showcasing them to a wide spectrum of top collegiate volleyball coaches with the goal of them receiving scholarships and other forms of financial aid. Through our annual combine and tournaments, we showcase players to college coaches. Through our free clinics, we educate students and parents as to how volleyball can help to pay for college and how to get recruited. Our events are open to players and families from anywhere in the world.



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