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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is a combine?  


A combine is a recruiting event where coaches can observe and evaluate prospective college recruits being tested for various measurements as well as during individual position drills and in actual game scenarios.

2.  Why have a combine in Hawaii?

Hawaii is rich with volleyball talent. In fact, Hawaii boasts almost 8X more players playing at the DI level than the national average of just 1.1%. However, our geographical location makes it difficult for our players to get recruited. In the past, players had to travel to the mainland and play in mainland tournaments to get noticed and recruited. However, this is costly (airfare, hotel, ground transportation, meals, .. etc.) and you never know which coaches may come and see you play at a mainland tournament. This combine provides an affordable venue whereby Hawaii players have a captive audience of top volleyball coaches that come here to recruit Hawaii players.

3.  Who is eligible to participate in the combine?


Any high school (female) player who has the potential and desire to play Division I, II, III, NAIA or JUCO volleyball.


4.  Will scholarship offers be made at the combine?


Athletic and academic scholarship offers and preferred walk-on offers have been made each year right at the combine as well as following the combine. 


5.  What does it mean for a player to have generated "interest"?


This means that one or more college coaches have noticed the player to have potential to play collegiate volleyball and may be tracking that player for possible recruitment.


6.  Why should I participate in the combine when there are many players that are better than me?


Not everyone can play at the Division I level.  Each player has to find the fit and level that is right for them. This is why we have college coaches from Division I, II, III, NAIA and JUCO. These coaches will be looking for players whom they believe will best fit their needs at their respective DI, DII, III, NAIA and JUCO levels.

7.  How do I know if I generated interest at the combine?

If a coach is permitted to contact you, he or she will generally contact you generally through your club or high school coach. They can contact you directly depending on the rules that apply to them as well as to you. See our Recruiting Guidelines Page.  Although a school may be interested in you, you might not know this immediately because the school might be prohibited from contacting you at this time or may simply want to track you from this point forward. Schools will sometimes send you an athletic brochure or camp brochure if they are interested in you. They may also contact your club or school coach. Do not be disillusioned if you do not receive any contact.  Sometimes coaches will not contact you or send you anything but will wait to see you play again at a later time.

8.  What should I do before the combine?

Before the combine, you should email the coaches of the schools that you are interested in. Tell them that you will be at the combine and you are interested in playing for him/her. The coaches will then watch you at the combine to evaluate your playing abilities. Coaches will spend time evaluating players who are interested in going to their school. A coach will definitely spend more time watching and evaluating you If you have already applied and/or have been admitted to his/her school.

9.  What should I do after the combine?

You should also write to the college coaches of interest after the combine. You should also invite them to come and see you play at mainland tournaments if your club team will be playing in any such tournaments.

10.   Why do we have to do the "measurements" as part of the combine?

The measurements (height, standing reach, block jump and approach jump) are the key "numbers" that the coaches use to get a general idea of some of your raw athletic abilities.  Your measurements are factors but not the deciding factor in whether a coach will recruit you. Your actual playing abilities carry a greater weight than these measurements.  We do test for the key metric, the "approach jump", but not the "vertical jump" as coaches have said that they don't care so much about the distance from your standing reach to your approach jump as much as how high you can touch.

11.  Why don't the players do the other traditional combine testing events?

During the first 4 years of the combine, in addition to the reach, block jump and approach jump we tested players for the pro agility shuttle, 10 and 20 yard dash, agility jumping, and medicine ball throw.  However, over those years the coaches indicated that for volleyball they are really only interested in the height jump testing and so we have limited our testing to these variables. 

12.   Will I get a fair chance of showing my abilities to the college coaches?

Our goal is to get as many players recruited as possible. The coaches that run the combine drills are from many different clubs from every island and all have the same goal; getting you recruited. All players do the same drills, rotates through the same courts and stations and everyone gets the same amount of reps.  Preference is not given to any player.  We do not care what club or school you play for nor what island you are from.  We simply want to help you get to college and have as much of it paid for as possible.

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