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Get Recruited in Hawaii!

The 1st Annual Hawaii Boys Volleyball Combine

Top Players ~ Top Schools

 Honolulu, Hawaii - September 26-27, 2020

The 1st Annual Hawaii BOYS Volleyball Combine will be held September 26-27, 2020! 

**Due to COVID-19, the event will be LIVE-STREAMED to College Coaches!  

**Many Colleges have already committed to watch our Stream!  

Follow us on Instagram to be informed of all updates as well as recruiting & training opportunities!  


The 1st Annual Hawaii BOYS Volleyball Combine will be held September 26-27, 2020 at Kaka'ako Volleyball Gym and the event will be a live-streamed to College Coaches due to COVID-19 restrictions. 

SESSIONS:  In order to best showcase Hawaii's talented boys to college coaches while at the same time complying with CDC protocols to keep everyone safe, the boys combine will be held in 6 sessions limited to just 12 players per session.

FORMAT:  In order to comply with NCAA rules, the combine will be structured as a practice with warm-ups, washes and scrimmages.  Players will also introduce themselves and will also talk about themselves at the end of each session.

COVID-19 "PLAY SAFE" RULES:  Temperature Checks, Hand Sanitizing, Face Masks, Safe Spacing and our Single Play Ball Rule will be required and implemented in order to facilitate our #PlaySafe standards and comply with CDC guidelines.

SCHEDULE:  September 26, 2020 - Session 1 @ 1 pm Hawaii Time; Session 2 at 3 pm Hawaii Time: Session 3 at 5 pm

                        Hawaii Time. 

                       September 27, 2020 - Session 4 @ 1 pm Hawaii Time: Session 5 at 3 pm Hawaii Time; Session 6 at 5 pm

                        Hawaii Time.

HOW TO WATCH:  Each session will be live-streamed with access through this website by clicking below.

COMBINE COACHES:  We are fortunate to have the following local coaches running the boys combine:  Colton Cowell, Kupono Fey, Chad Giesman, and Nick Costello.

COLLEGE COACHES:  Please click here to sign up to watch our streams of the combine.

PLAYERS:  Please click here to register for the combine.  You will be notified of your day and time.  It will be on either September 26 or 27, 2020.  Because we will have only 12 players per session, we will be selecting and placing players into sessions to ensure that we have the appropriate amount of players for each limited positions for each session.  Players will not be able to choose their day or time.

What is a Combine?

A volleyball combine is an event where prep volleyball players showcase their skills, talent and volleyball IQ to a captive audience of collegiate volleyball coaches in an effort to get recruited. Players are showcased right here in Honolulu before top volleyball coaches from across the country. Players have the equal opportunity to show their skills to these coaches. 


Players of varying skill levels get recruited each year as coaches from Division I, II, III, NAIA and JUCO schools attend to recruit Hawaii players. 


WHEN:   September 26-27, 2020

WHERE: Kaka'ako Volleyball Gym

WHO:      High School Boys

                Classes 2021 - 2024.


WHY:      Hawaii is  deep with volleyball talent. However, our geographic isolation puts our players at a disadvantage when it comes to recruiting. It is costly to travel to the mainland to get scouted and even if you travel to play in a mainland tournament you have little control over which coaches may come and see you play. With a combine here, you have a captive audience of coaches who are here to recruit Hawaii players and the cost is a fraction of what it costs to travel to the mainland. 

Player Registration



We have a very limited amount of spots.  To register; click "Register" below and fill out the form completely and click "Submit" to pay $150.


Click Below to Watch the Hawaii Boys Volleyball Combine.

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